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DBTAC - Great Lakes ADA Center

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2010 Great Lakes Region ADA Report Cards

To mark the 20th Anniversary of the ADA the DBTAC - Great Lakes ADA Center conducted a poll to learn more about the perception of people with disabilities, their family members and individuals who work with people with disabilities regarding the implementation of the ADA in their communities. We received an overwhelming response to the poll and want to thank everyone who shared their perspectives.

Over 3500 individuals took the "ADA In Your Community Poll" across all six states served by the Great Lakes ADA Center. Overall respondents indicated that while they saw progress over the past 20 years there is still a long way to go. Barriers to community participation and employment continue to persist across our region and while we celebrate the accomplishments to date we are reminded of where we still need to go.

The results of the Poll provide a blueprint for our communities and the work that they have ahead of them to ensure that people with disabilities realize the full promise of the ADA. We hope that community leaders, advocates, government officials and others will utilize the information gathered through the poll in their planning for the future.

 Individual State Report Cards
Last Updated on: Tuesday July 21, 2010